QSearch is a tool to discover and explore relationships between entities in a highly complex network visualization and analysis environment using C+8 technology.

About application

This is Prisma’s flagship tool, a next-gen application that showcases C+8 objects and the relationships between them in 3D. QSearch is a visionary network analysis tool that relies heavily on the value of causality in language and in the dynamic of events.

Its structure is rhizomic, as no node has hierarchical values over another.

Each node belongs to a C+8 Technology category and relates to another node or to itself across space and time.

The data used by QSearch are news articles, making it possible to see how the world interacts within itself.

Knowledge QSearch

Knowledge QSearch applies the QSearch tool to Prisma’s knowledge base (informational texts such as encyclopedic entries, scientific articles, etc.).

Text to QSearch

Text to QSearch applies the QSearch tool to text files of the user’s choice, offering the opportunity to see how the C+8 objects identified within them relate to each other.

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