Prisma Indicators

Prisma’s indicators are a quantitative tool used to measure individual qualities over time.

About application

Indicators are Prisma’s workhorse. It is the most straightforward, simple tool we offer, but it’s results can be mind-blowing.

They are invaluable when looking for trends, signals, and many other elements in news data.

Once a query has been introduced in the C+8 object fields and executed, the articles behind the results can be easily consulted in order to see what is behind the resulting dips and spikes.

The user can set any time resolution from monthly to 5 minutes, making it possible to see almost real-time spikes in discourse.

This tool is useful in tracking the evolution of basically anything that is mentioned in public discourse, from articles about an actor’s movie premier ensembles to Tesla’s success to the Syrian civil war.

If it’s been talked about in the press, an indicator can be made with it.

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