Operator bias-free, fully generalized, causality-based, and completely secure


QSearch is a tool to discover and explore relationships between entities in a highly complex network visualization and analysis environment using C+8 Technology

Text to QSearch

Text to QSearch applies the QSearch tool to text files of the user's choice

Knowledge QSearch

Knowledge QSearch applies the QSearch tool to Prisma's knowledge base (informational texts such as encyclopedic entries, scientific articles, etc. )

Prisma Indicators

Prisma Indicators are a quantitative tool used to measure individual qualities over time

Company Analyzer

Company Analyzer uses Prisma's Business Circumplex to analyze the energies regarding a particular company

Social Circumplex

The Social Energy Circumplex measures the energy in the qualitative fields developed using NLP

Geo Map

Using the Geo Event tool, a combination of C+8 objects can be explored in order to view their dispersal on geographical areas


The Summarizer condenses the main points of each news article for easy perusal

Price Forecast

C+8 technology is used as input in Prisma's price forecasts