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Using our innovating C+8 Technology, the QRM creates an
unbiased precise abstraction of the world, as it changes over time


The Quantum Relations Machine is an AI powered Big Data analytics engine that processes a continuous flow of structured and unstructured digital information from a wide range of online sources in real time.

Data is supplied from thousands of diverse and validated sources from around the globe to ensure impartial and holistic knowledge of world events.

The QRM processes and parses the data inputs according to the unique architecture of the C+8 Data Model.

The results are stored in a completely self-contained environment, delivering a fully generalized and dynamic data model.

C+8 Technology

C+8 is a data-importation and transformation engine that allows data to fully self-organize through a complex process of data atomization and systemic association with event causality.

QRM and C+8 create a reliable, unbiased and precise abstraction of the present world, as it continuously changes over time.
The result is an ever-expanding accumulative stream of knowledge and real-time intelligence that tracks every element, person, and concept, in conjunction with their complex associations to each other.

All objects identified in the system can be traced to the origins of their detection.

About Us

Prisma Analytics combines big data analysis and artificial intelligence creating products that empower users to leverage data into actionable knowledge.

We are creating tomorrow, today

If we position our technology properly, C+8 will change the course of human evolution as we have removed the barriers associated with unstructured data and the valueless data oceans that exist.

This can add immeasurable value to the global economy and exponential advances in human knowledge expansion.

" Hardy F. Schloer - CTO "

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